Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 70 (34km): Being normal for a change

I just don't have the stamina any more. My normal bedtime doesn't typically drift too far past 9pm so last night I couldn't keep up with the guys and eventually surrendered the fight at 11:30pm. Going to bed early though meant that we were up earlier than most.

We walked down to the equestrian ring to find Fernando getting a bit of riding time in. Afterward, we (actually everyone but me) had some sheep soup for breakfast and then some sheep meat for lunch. It looked delicious but sheep meat is a bit too rich for me. 
The finished product

In the afternoon we went to see a movie. We watched Due Date, an amusing and funny movie. It was a nice break in our normal routine. We had to keep moving though so we quickly came back to the house to pack up and leave for Zamorano University. We didn't want to drive at night and the Stalinesque regime at the university dictates that all students be back on campus by 6pm on Sunday evenings so the guys had to get back as well. Fernando set us up with accommodation at a retired professor's house. Aurelio and his wife have a lovely home and we are very grateful for their hospitality. We enjoyed some tea and toast with them before crashing for the night. 
At the mall

The gang

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