Gear List

Naomi's Bike: Alberto's Bike:
2010 BMW F800 GS Lava Orange 2010 BMW F800 GS Alpine White
Bike Mods/Accessories Bike Mods/Accessories
Barkbuster VPS Guard + Wind Deflectors Airhawk seat
Gear-it-technology Bash Plate Barkbuster VPS Handguards + plastic sliders + wind deflectors
Gear-it-technology Crash Bars Car size plug to DIN size socket magic converter
Guard-it-technology rear cargo plate Carbon Fiber Front Mudguard Extenter
Hepco-becker lock-it side racks Cheap eBay Right and Left Mirrors
Home-Made 'second exhaust' Tool Tube Clear Front & Back LED indicators
Hyperlights 16-LED rear break lights Denali LED Lights
MachineArt Mudsling Gear-it-technology Bash Plate
Pelican 1430 Cases (used with Caribou Cases ALS mounts) Gear-it-technology Cargo Plate
Rotopax 1G Fuel and 1G Water container Gear-it-technology Crash Bars
Sea-to-Summit eVent Compression Sack Hepco-becker lock-it side racks
Seal Line Baja Dry Bag 20L HID Lights (Low and high beams) 55W – 4300K
Seal Line Wide Mouth Duffel Bag Home-Made 'second exhaust' Tool Tube
Touratech Exhaust Guards Humvee GS & F800GS decals
Touratech Folding brake lever Kaoko Cruise Control
Touratech folding shift lever MachineArt Mudsling
Wunderlich Handle Bar bag Mivv suono Carbon Fiber Exhaust
Wunderlich Headlight Guard Nippy Norman's Instant Visor Cleaner
Wunderlich Radiator Guard Nippy Norman's radiator Guard
Wunderlich Sidestand Enlarger P3 LED break lights
X7 Rok Straps Pelican 1300 Case converted to tank bag
Riding Gear Pelican 1400 Case
Adidas Umu Pelican 1440 Cases (used with Caribou Cases ALS mounts)
BMW Enduro Helmet Pivot Pegs
CamelBak Rogue hydration pack RAM mount for SPOT2
Exo2 Stormrider heated vest RAM mount for TomTom Rider2 / Iphone 3G
Icebreaker 150 Leggings Rotopax 2 G Fuel Container
Icebreaker 150 Shirt SealLine Kodiak 15L Dry Bag
Icebreaker 200 Shirt SealLine See 10L Dry Bag
Icebreaker 260 Shirt SealLine Wide Mouth Duffel Bag
Icebreaker 320 Shirt SW-Motech Quick-Lock tankbag system
Icebreaker Glove Liners Throttle Rockers (left and Right)
Icebreaker Lightweight Hiking Socks Touratech Alternator Carbon Protector
Icebreaker Midweight Hiking Socks Touratech Clutch Cover Carbon Protector
La Senza seamless underwear Touratech Engine Guard Extension
Oakley XS O Frame Dirt Goggles Touratech Exhaust Guards
Rev'it Enduro Socks Touratech Folding Brake Lever
Rev'it Sand Gloves Touratech Folding Shift Lever
Rev'it Sand Jacket Touratech Frame guard ALU left
Rev'it Sand Pants Touratech Frame guard ALU right
Rev'it Tempest H20 Gloves Touratech Front Sprocket cover
Sidi Adventure Gore-tex boots Touratech Heat Sink Guard
Turtle Fur beanie Touratech Rear Cover Brake Reservoir
Camping Equipment Wunderlich Carbon Tank Protector
Axe-Hammer (small) Wunderlich Front Brake Fluid Protector
Adventure Towel Large Wunderlich Handlebarclamp
Big Agnes Air Core pillow Wunderlich Headlight Guard
Big Agnes Insulated Air Core sleeping pad Wunderlich Mirror Extenders
Fenix TA21 Flashlight Wunderlich Sidestand Enlarger
Head lamp Wunderlich Winglet Deflectors
LED lantern for tent X2 Plastic Tool tubes (mounted on side crashbars)
MEC Apollo 3 person tent X4 Rok Straps
MEC Hybrid Sleeping Bag Riding Gear
MSR Ultra Light Pack Towel Alpinestars SP-X Gloves
Tempur-pedic travel pillow Gerbing Headed Vest
Cooking Equipment Gerbing Heated Boot Soles
Assortment of Condiments Gerbing Heated Gloves
Basic Swiss Army Knife Hyperkewl Cooling Vest
Concentrated Campsuds 500ml Icebreaker 320 jacket
Eddie Bauer 250ml Thermos Icon Field Armor Vest
Flexible Cutting Board Joe Rocket Mesh Jacket
GSI Outdoors TeleSpatula MEC H20 Hydration Pack
Light My Fire Flint Stick Rukka A.W.S. Baselayer Long Sleeve
MEC Medium Pots Set Rukka A.W.S. Baselayer pants
MSR dragonfly Stove Rukka A.W.S. Baselayer Short Sleeve
Pretty Neat Squirt bottle with cooking oil Rukka A.W.S. Baselayer underwear
Salt, Pepper and Combo Spice Rukka All Road Jacket
Scrubby for dishes Rukka All Road Pants
Sea to Summit 10L Kitchen Sink Scorpion Magnum gloves
X2 Guyot Designs Bowl and Cup Set Shoei Hornet Sonora Helmet
X2 Le Creuset Pot Holders Sidi Adventure Gore-tex boots
X2 MSR 591ml Fuel Bottles Sidi Summer Monza Socks
X2 Sea To Summit Bowls Von Zipper Bushwick Snow Goggles
X3 Herbalife Powdered Tea Tools and Spares
X3 Light My Fire Spork An Assortment of screws, washers, nuts and bolts
Personal Items Assortment of spare fuses
Hand Sanitizer Assortment of Zip Ties
International Travel Maps for Countries Leatherman Skeletool
Lady Monkey Butt Powder Light bulb spares
Moleskine Journal Manual Air Pump
Pack of Cards Plastic Ruler (to measure chain slack)
Photocopies of Important Documents Repair kit for Tubes
Sea-to-Summit eVent stuff sack Soldering mini-gun
Sunscreen 15 SPF Spare Batteries (AA, AAA)
Travel Documents in Folder Stop&Go Mini-Air Compressor
Various Sizes of Not for Climbing caribiners Travel size jumper cables
Various Toiletries Turns signal spares and bulbs
Various Tools Various bonding agents (favourite is Goop)
X1 Roll of electrical tape Various Tools to perform basic maintenance on the bikes
X1 Roll of Toilet Paper X1 Abus disk lock
X1 Spare Goggle Lens (clear) X1 bottle of Nikwax Neutral
X2 Emergency Backpackers Meal X1 bottle of Rain-X
X2 Shampoo Bar X1 Bungee cargo net
X3 Soap Bar X1 Chinese brand disk lock
X6 Fast Funnel funnels X1 DuctTape
Clothing X1 Funnel
X1 Adidas Soccer Shorts X1 Pack of Alligator clips
X1 Bula Toque X1 Packing Tape
X1 Cotton shirt (for sleeping) X1 Pair of Safety Goggles
X1 Gore-tex socks X1 Roll 3M Electrical Tape
X1 Lululemon Headband X1 Sheet of Sand Paper
X1 Lululemon pants X2 Air Filters
X1 MEC Down Vest X2 Reflective Safety Triangles
X1 Nike Fleece Pants X2 Roll of reflective tape
X1 Pair Teva Sunkosi 2 Shoes X2 Set (front & rear) of spare tire tubes
X1 Ripcurl Board Shorts X3 Oil Filers
X1 Sitka Sweater Electronics
X1 Synthetic shirt 100 W Power Inverter
X12 Underwear Acer 10.2'' netbook
X2 Icebreaker Lightweight travel shirts Acer 10.2'' netbook (first one broke)
X2 Socks Bluetooth dongle for Iphone 3G
X3 Sports Bras Canon Rebel T2i SLR Camera

Collett Communicator Rider-to-Rider Bluetooth System

Digital Tyre Gauge

Digital Voltage Meter

Energizer compact battery charger

Etymotic ER-6i headphones + DB-Blockers

Gerbing Dual temperature controller

Go Pro HD Video Camera plus mounts

Solar Mio Solar Charger

Spare Camera: Panasonic DMC-LX2

SPOT GPS tracker

TomTom Rider2

USB Cigarrette lighter charger

USB Cooling Fan (Flexible)

Western Digital 500GB external HDD

X1 2GB SD card

X1 4GB USB drive

X1 80GB Classic Ipod

X2 32GB SD card

X2 Iphone 3G



10X25DCF Binoculars

ABUS Detecto 8000 Disc Lock

Big Agnes Air Core pillow

Big Agnes Insulated Air Core sleeping pad

Canon Spare Lens

Canon Telephoto Lens

Clarity DefogIT anti-fog treatment

Fenix TA21 Flashlight

Gerber Camping Shovel

Griffin Ipod Speaker

Grilliput Grill

Heavy Duty Ziploc Bags

MEC Hybrid Sleeping Bag

Pair of Oakley Sunglasses

Peak Outdoor Gear Hammock

Pelican 1050 mini case

Pelican 1060 mini case
Power cord (20 ft long)

Sea-to-Summit eVent Compression Sack - Large

Sea-to-Summit eVent Compression Sack - Medium

Sea-to-Summit eVent Compression Sack - Small

Tempur-pedic travel pillow

X1 Camera Tripod

X1 SLR Gorillapod Tripod

X1 Spare GoPro battery

X1 Spare netbook battery

X1 Spare Panasonic LX2 battery

X2 Spare Canon T2i battery

X50 Earplugs (disposable)

Yellow replacement lens for Goggles

First Aid Kit

A decent pile of gauze

Adventure Medical Kits – Personal Model

Dosage of Ciprofloxacin

Enough Bandaids, of various sizes, to shake a stick at

Eye drops

First on the Scene St. John Ambulance Training Manual

Ice Therapy rub

Kombi hand warmers

Personal stash of T3s

Several pairs of disposable rubber gloves

X1 Bottle Hydrogen Peroxide

X1 Can of Nasal Mist Saline Spray

X1 Roll of Medical Tape

X1 Roll of Pro Wrap

X2 Instant Cold Packs

X2 Tensor Bandages

Cold and Flu

Cold and Flu pills

Halls and Ricolas throat candies

X1 Buckleys


X1 Adidas Track Jacket

X1 Adidas Track Pants

X1 Adidas Umu

X1 Fake Crocks

X1 Gore-tex socks

X1 Icebreaker 200

X1 pair of amphibious shoes

X1 Toque

X2 Tank Tops

X3 Pair of socks

X3 Shorts

X3 T-shirts

X3 Underwear

Personal Items

Monkey Butt Powder

Prescriptions glasses

Several Months supply of prescription medication

Swimming goggles

Traumeel Cream


X1 Emergency Backpackers Meal

X1 Pack of Baby Wipes

X1 personal detergent container

X1 Shampoo container

X1 Soap + container

X2 Lip balm