Other Stories

Our other travels:



Here is a collection of stories from fellow riders we met along the way.

Daryll and Angela: We met up in Guatemala and crossed paths a few times after that. In particular one crazy day in Panama trying to catch a boat. blog

John: We met him at the Nic-Costa Rica border. Absolutely crazy story. blog

Beto and Tracey: A couple we met briefly while passing each other in the Peruvian Sierra. blog

Lenny: He found us in Lima. He gets up to some crazy things on his KLR. blog

Brian: We saw him riding the streets of Huanchaco, Peru and adopted him for the day. website

Dachary and Kay: Finally met up in El Calafate, Argentina. Hands down the MOST detailed ride report you'll ever read. blog

Joe: We met Joe at the Lima dealer during the engine fiasco. He too had been having issues with his F8GS and gave us some tips on his favourite dealers in Chile/Argentina. blog

Derrick and Colin: Fellow Canadians AND Engineers riding some KLRs North. We had been only slightly behind them on the road for a few days and then I found them at a campground in El Calafate, Argentina. blog

Simon: Another fellow Canadian riding a F800GS. We met him at the gas station in Bajo Caracoles, Argentina. blog

Loren: Canadian/Australian riding a F650GS. He tracked us down in Cusco. We are really jealous of him and Murray since they did the route through Peru that we wanted to do but couldn't because the engines died. blog

Shevo: A Peruvian rider we met in Trujillo, Peru. He is a member of the Trujillo Riders bike club. blog