Best Camping Tea: We have this very tasty powder tea every morning when we camp. I love that it comes in a powder form and that is why I think it is the best camping tea. There is never a mess or garbage from a tea bag or tea leaves. Also works great as an iced tea.

Food: I always make sure to have some peanut butter packed in my emergency stash. It’s great to have on crackers or tortillas and in a pinch eating plain spoonfuls is good. Alberto swears he wouldn’t have survived Day 21 without peanut butter. It’s an awesome emergency snack (gives energy and protein) and keeps for a really long time.

Bungees: Rok Straps changed my life. The most effective strapping system I have ever used. I can confidently secure any load and by using very few straps. Get a pair and you won’t be sorry. Also great customer service!

Toiletries: These are my essential beauty products: Toothy Tabs, Shampoo Bar and baby wipes. I love toothy tabs and shampoo bars because they pack down really small. They are so convenient, for any kind of travelling. Baby wipes can replace a shower when you are in the middle of nowhere. I use them to freshen up after a long day. Bonus: Bounce sheets - stick these in your boots or dirty laundry to help mask those offensive odours!

Bonding Agent: We swear by Goop. It will glue anything, and is very versatile.

Clothing: I only pack one pair of shoes when I travel by bike so my Gore-tex socks help extend the versatility of those shoes. Never had wet feet while wearing them. I own several Icebreaker merino wool layers and I love them. I combine the different weights depending on the conditions and love how they aren’t bulky. I can wear my merino wool for days without it getting too stinky.

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