Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 52 (0km): Seeing the sights

We decided to settle down and stay 3 days in Panajachel. Today we had to take care of business: fix Alberto's cargo plate. Our tuk-tuk driver took us to the best welder in town (according to him). We got the plate sorted out, now we'll have to see how it performs in practice. 
The fixed plate

While we were in town (because our campsite is a little outside of town) we decided to see the sights: that pretty much just included walking Santander street. I may be mistaken but I don't think there are really any other sights in town. We considered taking a boat ride, but didn't bother in the end. We stopped at a cafe (Sunset Cafe) on the water for lunch though and it was really nice (good music, view and food). Other business we had to take care of: we ran all over town to try and find a lid for my tool kit (my lid abandoned ship somewhere in Mexico). The lid is a common plumbing part in Canada, but no surprise, not that common here. We did manage to buy something similar and I think it will work. Only time will tell on that one. It was crazy expensive however but my current duct tape lid isn't very convenient. We will have to be more responsible with our lids from now on. 
Window shopping the stalls on Calle Satander

Back at the campground we re-engineered a kite that crash landed at our campsite yesterday. I was happily flying my new kite while Alberto took a swim. Sadly the pool is solar heated and the sun was behind the clouds at this point. 
Flying our rescued kite

While we were out Angela and Daryll (fellow travellers from Vancouver who we've been in contact with) stopped by our campsite. They left their details with the receptionist so later in the evening, after we picked up the finished cargo plate, I tracked them down. We went for dinner and had a nice evening chatting up a storm. 
Our dinner out.

On another note I am being bitten by mosquitoes and I don't like it. I don't usually get bitten but my legs look like I have chicken pocks!

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