Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 55 (0km): A day in Antigua

Time to see what all the fuss is about. Antigua is supposed to be one of those destinations you have to go to in Guatemala. So our first stop of the day was to walk to the central park/plaza. All the roads are cobblestone which I guess looks nice but is a bit of a nightmare navigating with an overloaded GS. I was happy to be walking the the town instead of driving it. 
Enjoying the beauty of the city
Walking the streets of Antigua
The central park was nice, and at the center of the park was a fountain. But the most intriguing part about this fountain was that water was being dispensed from the women's boobs. A little risque for Latin America, no? Next we did some window shopping and walked north. We picked up some ice creams on the way for the walk. We deserve a treat every now and then. We were trying to find a camping store to get some supplies. We never found one but we did find a mountain bike store where we tried to buy a new reservoir for Alberto's backpack but it was too big. So we spent the morning walking the city and taking pictures. The climate is quite ideal: not too cold and not too warm. 
The boob fountain
The arts and crafts market

Shortly after we got back to the tent Daryll and Angela stopped by to say hi. They were on their way to pick up some rear tires so we went along for the ride. We wandered around town with them for a few hours: checking out the market and sights. We agreed to meet up for dinner at the water dispensing boobs. 
Angela's excellent story telling skills on display as she reenacts the moment
We spent the rest of the afternoon taking care of a few odds and ends back at the tent. Soon enough it was time to head to the park. We went for Thai food. My dinner was a little saucy, a latino trait I guess, for my taste but the vietnamese rolls were delicious. We had another fun dinner with Daryll and Angela and then we all walked up the street a little bit to a cafe for some tea. It was ideal: Mighty Leaf tea and a delicious brownie. In my world that's a perfect combination. 
Alberto getting a crack for his back
The plaza at night

Daryll and Angela were planning an early start to brave Guatemala City and I enjoy getting to bed early so we all turned in while the night was still young.

We couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about regarding Antigua. It was nice, but I guess it was built up too much in our heads and we were expecting something different. We still had a great time though!


  1. Thanks for not disclosing the fact that my story was about how I threw myself to the restaurant floor after hearing what I thought was gunfire...actually being firecrackers:)
    Miss you guys - see you soon in some other country!
    Angela and Daryll

  2. well... now the secret is out! haha