Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 69 (64km): What Agro students do for fun

This morning my communication system decided it was bipolar. It wasn't working and then it would work but it wouldn't let me turn it off. It was out of control and once again it went crazy the day after driving in the rain. We switched it out for the other one that was broken which now seemed to be behaving itself. Only time will tell.

It wasn't hard to be on the road early this morning because we both wanted to leave that motel as soon as possible. Later we asked some locals where all the hotels were? The answer was that there pretty much weren't any. Truly bizarre, a capital city with very few hotels.

We drove out to Zamorano University, where Fernando (Alberto's cousin) attends. The school specializes in agriculture. When we arrived we waited in the parking lot for Fernando. 
Alberto and his cousin

There were some speakers set up and they were playing music. It was offensively loud (80dB, according to my iPhone app), and still sounded too loud with my earplugs in. We spent the morning and afternoon hanging out with Fernando at the University while his friends sorted out some of the details of the day. They arrived back on campus with a truck and the boys went off to buy a sheep. While we were waiting in the parking lot Alberto and I observed a peculiar past-time of the agro students. They were selling vegetables to people, but this was an aggressive and cutthroat activity. They would approach potential customers in mobs. It was quite amusing to watch. 
The vegetable sellers

The boys returned with their sheep, Roger, and off we followed them to Tegucigalpa. After a trip to the store for supplies they proceeded to butcher the sheep, again a weekend activity of agro students? We spent the night hanging out, drinking and cooking up sheep. 
Roger, he didn't know what he was getting himself into
Cooking the sheep up

We stayed the night at Jorge, one of Fernando's classmates, family's house. Thank you to our hosts Don Jorge and Pamela, it was very helpful of them to give us a place to stay for the evening while we were visiting Fernando. It was an awesome evening socializing with Fernando's friends: Jorge (Piolo), Santiago (Sebo), and Roberto.

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  1. oh little Roger the sheep! he sure didn't know what he was getting, your bellies!