Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 95 (0km): Shopping

Today was taking care of business day. We had a list of things we needed to see to: maps, camping gear, tires, BMW dealer... There was a bookstore recommended in Daryll and Angela's Footprint for buying maps so that was the first stop. It was all the way downtown so we shared a cab with Daryll and Angela who were going sightseeing. It was funny the cab driver asked us why we wanted to go downtown since it was so ugly and dirty. He was confused because where he picked us up was already one of the nicest parts of Bogota. We told him we were going to see museums and that seemed to satisfy him.

The bookstore was a bust. So we went to a bookstore nearby that we had visited the previous day. We bought the crappy map we had seen the day before. It was cheap and would suffice. Then we took a cab to a camping store recommended by the Footprint. We were in the market for some new sleeping pads since ours were barely holding air. The camping store didn't have what we were looking for but they were very nice and pointed us in the direction of some places we could try. Success! We found a camping store called 14|8 and they carried Big Agnes. That would have been my first choice if I was back in Canada so I was quite happy. Plus the prices were comparable to back home. We bought two sleeping pads and some pillows and were on our way. The next stop of the day was the BMW dealer. We tried looking them up online but there were two addresses and we didn't know which one. We picked the address closer to where we were staying (since we were on our way home). This turned out to be another wild goose chase. The cab driver didn't know where it was, several people we asked sent us in different directions. We gave up and came home. We did find a bookstore that carried a better map while we were wandering around in circles. 
The dinner marketplace
Andre had to be at the airport around 9pm so we went for an early dinner with Beatriz, Felipe and Virginia (their sister). It was a cool market place with lots of typical food. My favourite was the Lulo drink. So yummy. We said goodbye to Andre, who returns to Quebec and will be continuing his trip at the end of January. 
The delicious fresh food

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