Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 90 (0km): Plan B

Our only option left was to fly the bikes which would probably cost us an additional $1000. Sure we could wait around until the rudder was fixed and hope the road was passable but that wasn't a viable solution. We had already overstayed our welcome in Panama City and couldn't bare hanging around. It was a sad realization though because we had all been looking forward to the boat trip for some time but given the circumstances it probably would have been the boat ride from hell (given the weather situation). So the boat trip we all imagined most likely didn't even exist.

Daryll did a bunch of research on flying the bikes and Alberto made some phone calls. The Girag office (the main company that flies bikes to Colombia) was really hard to get a hold of. We got through to someone on the 4th try and got all the details. We were told we needed to speak with the reservations department but nobody was picking up. We tried several times but with no luck.

So with no real concrete plan we decided to show up at the offices first thing on Monday morning, they told us they opened at 7am, and go from there.

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