Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 105 (0km): Just hanging out

We just hung out today. We are hoping to take our bikes to the BMW dealer tomorrow so today was a free day. I took advantage and watched some boxing day football. There was Man United vs Sunderland on one channel and then Man City vs Newcastle on the other. So I switched between the two of them. This has been my first chance to see Gyan playing so I was excited about that. Not too sure about those white and maroon strips though. 
The city
We didn't go out and see any sights. Instead we settled for a day off inside. I was doing some research and looking into routes for Ecuador (still need to get a map somewhere). The hostel owner where we are staying is very friendly and helpful offering tips and suggestions. She's a big fan of the bike shop Moto Angel and from what we heard they are extremely helpful to travelers.

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