Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 93 (19km): Getting our bikes back

Girag had told us our bikes would be flying in around mid morning. We were under the impression that we needed insurance in Colombia so we went to an insurance place where Felipe worked. Turns out that they didn't sell insurance for tourists. They made a few calls for us and confirmed that we didn't need insurance. So we decided to wing it and went to the airport.

Alberto and I were in our own cab and the people at the airport gave our driver the run around. We ended up getting dropped off in the wrong area, but luckily it was a short walk to where we actually needed to be. Daryll, Angela and Andre were already at the Girag office when we walked up. Surprise surprise our bikes weren't there. Again probably what they meant to say was yes your bikes will be arriving in the morning but we won't be able to give you them until 3pm. We had nothing better to do so we just waited.

At precisely 3pm we were given the paper work we needed to go to DIAN (aduana) to sort out customs. It only took us 2hrs for 5 bikes so I guess that isn't too bad. Then back over to Girag to play the waiting game once more. It was pretty much dark by the time they even let us in to see the bikes. We undressed them, and put them back together. We had to wait a bit for an opportunity to get a free door. They made a pretty sketchy ramp for us but it worked. Check out Daryll and Angela's blog for a video of Daryll taking the bikes out of the warehouse.

Andre was the first bike out and Daryll sent him with my Rotopax to get some gas for him and Angela. I think Daryll has now used my Rotopax more than me on this trip. We were waiting for him for a long time and starting to get pretty worried. Afterward we found out that Andre had to go on a wild goose chase to get the gas. While we were waiting we sorted out an escort to lead us back to the apartment. At 8pm we left the airport. It was dark but thankfully not raining. Trying to keep the 5 bikes together in the traffic was a challenge. We got lost on the way home but in the end we all made it, so that's all that matters. Once I had my camping gear set-up I completely crashed. 
The best kind of camping


  1. awwww little Nomesy, you look soooo tired! what a crazy time you guys are having!