Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 91 (0km): The waiting game

Considering Alberto and I had never even planned to go to Panama City before we broke the computer we were getting pretty tired of the place. I guess channel 85 was the only perk at this stage in the game.

It was sunny in the morning so we went for a walk down to the water to see the sights. We spent the rest of the day doing some prep-work on the bikes. Since we had planned to take a boat to Colombia we had filled up our tanks before leaving for Fritzy the first day. Now we were flying and had to get rid of our gas. So we gave away the gas in our Rotopax tanks. Now, you think this would be easy to do but it wasn't. When we tried to give it away people wouldn't take it and kinda seemed to be weirded out by us. Eventually a taxi driver let us give him our gas (10L). He was so funny because once he found out we were Canadians he was like, oh Canadians are such friendly people. We decided to leave what we had in our tanks, and we would drain more at Girag if needed. 
Boats waiting to enter the canal
Enjoying the skyline

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