Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 44 (0km): Still taking a break

No big plans for the day. We did some shopping to continue making improvements to the bikes, I had Subway for lunch, and I also got caught up on the new season of The Big Bang Theory (I'm such a nerd).

We did get to see something very cool today: Armando, the number one Inca, showed us the inside of his graphic design business. He has 45 employees, and in the back what caught my eye were the 3 HUGE HP printers. I found it very interesting since that's the kind of thing I probably would have got into had I not become an engineer. 

Armando took us out for dinner at a really nice restaurant with local food. Santiago also met up with us there. You could see the lights of the city from the restaurant. It was an excellent dinner; thank you Armando.  

Alberto hasn't been able to load all the new photos of our time in Chiapas; sometimes photobucket is moody. Hopefully we'll be able to sort that out soon.

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  1. nomi nomes I am now all up to date with reading your blog. sounds like you guys are having such an awesome adventure! Happy Halloween this weekend! You guys should dress up while riding your bikes!