Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 15 (370km): Hola New Mexico

We had a nice leisurely morning. Our campground neighbour had a really sweet set-up. He was a biker that also was a mountain biking enthusiast so he installed a bike rack to his Goldwing and he carries his bike with him when he travels. Enjoy your ride to the family reunion.
The Tall Texan campsite

We picked up a new turn signal bulb for me at the local Napa. The owner was very helpful finding me something that would work. We took scenic byway 149, and finally the map was telling us the truth. It was a great ride, both scenic and enjoyable for a biker. Take note Rob and Rick to check out 149 next time you are in Colorado (if you haven't already). Then we shot across on 160 to 84 and soon we had entered New Mexico. 
Taking a little break
Riding some curves

It was a very hot day and Dad was desperate for an icecream. We stopped in Chama to determine our plan of attack. We picked up groceries and the check-out lady wasn't going to give Dad his beer because he couldn't get his driver's license out of his wallet. It was touch and go. We made our way to the Heron Lake State Park and that is where we camped for the night. 
Icecream + map = route planning
Camping under the stars


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