Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 23 (387km): The other route to Hermosillo

There was a crazy thunderstorm in the middle of the night; huge thunder, hard rain and lightning. The rain, or maybe the thunder, was so strong it triggered the alarm on one of the bikes. Just earlier yesterday Alberto was talking to someone who said it hadn't rained in 3 years. I guess the streak was broken. Everything was pretty much dry when we woke up though. Just a few puddles here and there.

We stopped by Marcelino and Emanuel's family's factory to say goodbye in the morning. On the way we called in at the Autozone for some chain lube and a map. Success with the chain lube but the tiny map was like 129 CAD and the book set was almost 200 CAD. We passed on that one. I guess we will keep the inaccurrate free BMW issue map. We said hi and goodbye to Marcelino and Emanuel. We also got to meet their father and sister who helped us out with directions on the new road.

The road to Desemboques was windy. The road was also shockingly straight but at least that gave us a chance to admire the scenery. If you grew up in Arizona it probably wouldn't be that impressive but for me it was great. Once we got to Puerto Lobos you could see the Sea of Cortez too. The ocean was a nice addition to the mountains and cactus forests. When we reached Puerto Libertad we stopped for gas and a small lunch break at the beach. The water was beautiful and definitely worth the drive. The highway, which wasn't on our map, is almost done being built. There were a few sections that weren't finished where we had to take dirt detours. It was like being on a motocross circuit: up and down, up and down. 
Some of the scenery: A cactus forest
Up close cactus
Not a care in the world
Puerto Libertad and the Sea of Cortez

After Puerto Libertad the road travels inland. The scenery is more of the same: mountains + cactus but we enjoyed it. There was even a section of road that was slightly flooded for those out there that need a little adventure. 
Alberto taking a test walk
What happened to the road?

The road finally took us to our destination: Bahia de Kino. What a beautiful place. We met a Chilean, Francesco, who has lived here for several years and he assures us that this is the best place on earth. He kindly invited us into his home and let us camp on his roof. It doesn't get any better than falling asleep under the stars listening to waves crashing on the nearby beach. 
Bahia de Kino
Our view from dinner at the beach

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