Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 39 (300km): Meeting up with Fraterhnos

It was in fact very windy this morning. I'd hate to find out what the wind is like in the afternoon (People say that it gets much windier)... Yikes. The best thing about Mexican signs is that there is no warning, if there is an important intersection the signs are right at the intersection. It really keeps you on your toes, no napping or forgetting to wear your glasses here. Once we veered off to Tapanapetec there were two curious looking dirt berms blocking the road (again, no warning AT ALL). They were 3-4m high and impassable. No signs on where to take a diversion. I went back and took a side road through a small town. It was totally random and a little rough had we not been on dualsports. Then shortly down the road once we had got up to cruising speed there was another berm in a merge lane. This time there were no side roads, there were no options. Luckily I noticed that one corner had been driven on by bicycles so it had been hard packed. That's how I got across.

It was pretty windy for most of the morning. We met up with 3 members of the Fraterhnos Club: Gerardo, Alejandro and Santiago in Tapanapetec. We rode together to Tuxtla Gutierrez. The road was pretty nice: good road surface and some nice twisty sections. I guess we lost an hour today coming into Chiapas so the day seemed to go by really fast. We had a meal once we got into the city and they took us to their clubhouse. It's a pretty sweet set-up: bar, entertainment center, seating area, facilities. That's where we are staying (there's a spare room with a bathroom for fellow adventure riders that are passing through), Armando even hooked us up with a King size bed. Thank you Fraterhnos!

We are very grateful for their kindness and generosity. 
Sitting at the bar in the clubhouse

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