Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 33 (384km): Mexico 200, our bread and butter

We managed to navigate our way out of Tepic with only one wrong turn, so we felt pretty good about that. We were travelling south on 200. 200 follows the coast south through Mexico and it will be our home for the next few days. Things started out okay but soon took a turn for the worse. We came upon a very large convoy of vehicles stuck behind a bus and an 18 wheeler. We spent probably 40min going under the speed limit stuck behind the long line of traffic on twisty roads. It finally opened up and we got by, and the rest of the way to Puerto Vallarta was more or less smooth sailing.

Driving in and out of Puerto Vallarta sucked. There was tons of traffic and it was hot. The combination of heat and moving slowly on a motorbike is terrible. We found ourselves downtown and used a public beach access to go see what the beach was all about. There was a beach volleyball tournament going on as well (I think Canada was playing). The water was nice but the sand was rough and the beach was nothing special. 
The beach, downtown Puerto Vallarta

Once we left the general area of Puerto Vallarta and the subsequent traffic it was actually pretty nice. I think we entered another state and the road surface was significantly better. There also wasn't as much traffic. We pushed ourselves today and made it to B. de Navidad. Couldn't really tell if the town looked cool cause it was dark when we arrived.

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