Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 42 (173km): Daytrip to San Cristobal

Gerardo met up with us in the morning to ride to San Cristobal de las Casas. We took the Libre route (lots of nice curves) on the way there. There was very little traffic and the weather was ideal. As we got higher and higher the temperature cooled to a perfect 16-18 degrees. Some of the highlights of the road were an old dog lying (just chilling) in the middle of our lane after a corner. He didn't seem bothered by us almost killing him. We saw some Indigenous women carrying wood up the steep road. What was amazing about this was that the women were ~150cm tall and carrying ~40kgs of wood. It looked hardcore. They were also wearing cool traditional clothing (blue and purple). Also, just to add some excitement, sections of the road were gone (due to rain). So on two occasions our lane was missing and we had to use the other lane.

We had breakfast in San Cristobal, where we saw Javier (Another member of fraterhnos Club), and walked around the historic center (the streets, the markets …). After taking in San Cristobal we went to Gruta del Racho Nuevo (a cool cave). It was the largest cave I've been in so I'm glad Gerardo took us (I would have never noticed it there otherwise). I had some churros at the cave and then we took the Cuota road back to Tuxtla. It was an intense change in temperature coming back down from the mountains, not to mention the extreme fog conditions on the road at the top. 
Some breakfast
Browsing the postcard selection
In the caves

Yum yum BBQ'd bananas

It was a very nice day. We are really enjoying our time exploring Chiapas. Gracias Gerardo!

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