Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 31 (250km): Rain?? What's that.

The housekeeper at the Hotel was very friendly and we had a nice conversation with her before we left. One of the best parts of travelling is meeting great people. A friend of ours (Gerardo from Chiapas) warned us that the Gulf of Mexico route had suffered damage during the rainy season so we had to change our plans and are now taking the Pacific route through Mexico (HWY 200).

Once we were on the road we were grateful we had decided to stay in Rodeo. The drive to Durango was longer than we had expected and there were a few sketchy spots, one in particular where the road suddenly changed two different levels. Alberto had chosen that exact moment to pass a truck and ended up pulling off quite the stunt... I was glad he's riding an F800GS and not his Yamaha R6. Durango seemed like any other city to us; we are just not city people so we have a hard time appreciating cities. Getting through town and en route to Mazatlan was not the easiest but there were signs, even though they were confusing.
Cool rock formation

It was cold for the first time today and we even got sprinkled on briefly. Rain... I forgot what that was. The road to Mazatlan is twisty so welcome back the 'Mexican Hello' and getting stuck behind large trucks. We stopped at a nice hotel in El Salto, which was good timing because an hour later it was raining pretty hard.Also my Sitka Hoodie, which served me so well in the US, had to make a comeback last night. It was cold! 

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