Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 18 (203km): Turn up the luxury

We only had to make it to Tuscon today so we had a nice leisurely morning. By 9am it was pretty much unbearable to be in the direct sunlight. What a huge change from a week ago. There was no pretty way to get to Tuscon so we just took the fastest way.

We arrived into the city before lunch and went to the BMW dealer: Iron Horse. My Dad needed to get an oil change. Everyone we talked to at the dealer was great, both staff and riders stopping by the store. We met lots of great people and the time flew by pretty fast. Before we knew it we were heading to the Best Western in 41 degrees C to meet my Mom. It was like being blown in the face with a hair dryer. 
Iron Horse BMW: Great service and friendly people
Alberto checking out the competition. Do you think he should have gone for the 1200?
 Welcome to luxury: air conditioned room, pool and fancy dinner. Life is good. 
Rotopax Gas container performing well under Arizona heat
Parked up at the Best Western

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