Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 29 (349km): Larry, where do I know this guy from?

We got frost overnight, but as soon as the sun came out everything melted. We enjoyed the road this morning the most: still twisty but with more visibility through the corners. We had planned to make a side trip to Sinforosa Canyon View Point but never saw the signs. I guess we should do better research next time, or any research since we didn't really do any.
The road

At around lunch time I had an accident: I ran into a horse, or rather the horse ran into me. Alberto was leading and it was a straight bit of road. Out of nowhere this horse T-boned me. I never even saw it, and neither did Alberto when he drove by. It hit the front of my bike hard and redirected my path to the opposing ditch; where I crashed. Despite a few scratches on my helmet and crash bars, and one or two holes in my pants I was okay. 
My crashed bike

Since this is my second time crashing this bike into a ditch I can undoubtedly say the BMW F800GS lives up to it's ad campaign of being unstoppable. Due to the nature of the accident I was expecting the bike to be unrideable, but all that was needed was an adjustment to my barkbuster and mirror and some zapstraps for the pelican case (which of course disconnected from the bike). The horse is probably in worse shape since he rolled and left skid marks on the road. The other thing that I observed was that not a single passing car stopped to see if we needed help getting the bike out of the ditch, and to top it off when they went around us they drove as close as possible. 
Repairs being done

The other good thing about the crash (the first being that I was okay) was that it fixed something on my bike. My starter button had been sticking and it was not sticking anymore. Bonus.

The road was straightening out quite a bit by the afternoon as we headed for Parral. Thankfully that helped us make good time because we were delayed quite a bit by the crash. We spent the night in downtown Parral.


  1. Nice trip, I hope that all is ok and continue, if you need some info I'm in Lima Peru, Lets keep in touch, my email is trivanperu@gmail.com

  2. Thanks for the contact info and for reading our blog.

  3. a random horse? weird!
    sounds like the deer here on Salt Spring - they randomly run into cars!
    glad you didn't get hurt and that your bike was okay.
    still enjoying your narration and the photos as well. thanks for taking the time to share.

  4. Who gets hit by a horse? Nobody, that's awesome! Glad you guys are okay but try to stick to running down chickens eh..