Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 38 (253km): Leaving trendy beach town to arrive in industrial sea port??

The gecko that was in our bathroom yesterday had sneaked out in the night; he was gone when I went to take a picture of him this morning. Alberto came up with the best idea this morning: putting our cooling vests in the freezer. Brilliant! I was icy cool when we set off. The surf looked nice when we were leaving Puerto Escondido, not that I really know what nice surf looks like. I guess I was spending more time checking out the hot surfers with tans wearing only shorts and sandals.

Again the road today was mostly inland so it was pretty uneventful. The road surface was pretty decent and the traffic was good. Actually the traffic has been much better. I think the road from Tepic to Puerto Vallarta was the real low point.

We went through a military checkpoint today and they “looked” through my stuff. For a while there, after Copper Canyon, they just waved us through but now at the last 2 we've been through we've been stopped. It's kind of a bizarre system, similar to the security checks at the World Cup stadiums.

We decided to settle in Salina Cruz for the night. It appears to be a port town and it's VERY windy. Unfortunately the air temperature outside our room appears to be cooler than inside. I hope we can get that fixed ASAP! (Update: we ended up moving to a different room with a working air conditioning system).

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