Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 30 (247km): No toilet seats in Durango

It was a noisy choice staying downtown last night, but it was kind of nice for a change: being at the center of town. It made the experience more real. My arms and right shoulder were sore when I woke up from the accident. Sore in the same way they would feel after windsurfing during a storm, so no biggie; I could ride.

It was much easier leaving downtown than getting to it last night. Our direction was Durango and at first it seemed like we were on some country road (it was gravel). I guess they were doing road construction and the road eventually turned into a normal road. It was more or less straight going until the end where there was some amazing mountain scenery and some nice fast curves. We stopped for an unhealthy lunch at a Pemex gas station (I feel like a writer from Bike magazine UK). It's amazing how cheap junk food is. It's still not as hot as it was in Sonora on the coast but either way I have officially ditched my BMW Underwear and gone back to my Icebreaker 150s. The BMW Underwear did not do as good of a job wicking the moisture away from my body. Say what you will about how great synthetics are but nothing beats natural fibers.

We decided to stay in Rodeo (north of Durango) because we don't like cities and didn't want to deal with finding a place to stay in the city. Also it was getting late to the point that we didn't know how far we could get past Durango before it got 'too late'. So we found a nice place to stay (with a restaurant) in Rodeo so we were happy to call it an early night.

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