Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 157 (0km): What the heck, a day off

The Canadians, I found them! They were hiding at the far end of the campground. Two EEs from UBC on KLRs, Derrick and Colin. Right on! We chatted it up for a while. They are going North so we talked about what we had done etc... We should see them again in Torres.
It's a sad day. Our last oatmeal.

Our original plan was to go see the glacier in the morning but it's a crappy day and tomorrow is supposed to be better. We decided to take today completely off and we'll go see the glacier on our way out tomorrow.

Well no day is completely taken off. We had a few things we needed to fix and the blog needed to be updated.
Working on the bikes

We told Dachary and Kay we'd be at the campground we were staying at and sure enough they showed up. It was nice spending the evening chatting with them and cooking up some bbq for dinner. Good times. 
Enjoying some down time, sharing bike secrets
Asado for dinner

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