Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 145 (466km): Going the speed limit

We got up early and after saying goodbye to Ricardo we were cruising south of La Serena. We stopped for gas before leaving town and the attendant had the most shocked expression when Alberto told him we drove our bikes from Canada. I always find this so weird. Since I know for a fact three other people who passed through La Serena just a few days before us. But we are always happy to be of some entertainment.
Saying goodbye in the morning

The route to Santiago is a toll road, divided highway and for the first time on our Latin America adventure we have legally been allowed to go 120 kph. Thankfully this is our normal cruising speed so we come by it naturally. This was handy cause there are lots of police on this road with radar guns. Not too pleased about the many toll booths. More than anything it is just inconvenient for a biker to pay at toll booths.
120 baby, totally legit!

The scenery was pretty lame. We followed the ocean for some parts, and were inland for some parts. Nothing really caught my eye.
This was the only thing that caught my eye
We had come up with a plan the night before to find where Alberto's friend lived. Unfortunately our plan was doomed because the signs from Ruta 5 don't show road names so we didn't know what exit to take. We randomly took an exit to ask directions. It appears that we stopped in a somewhat sketchy part of town (picture east vancouver) but we got some directions and were soon on our way. It took us a little while to find our destination but we succeeded and there waiting was Edgardo and Ines. We parked the bikes in a safe place and then went out for some lunch at the mall.
Out for lunch at T.G.I. Fridays
We were parked next to this bike
When we returned we took everything upstairs and got the full tour. We had a really nice evening, sipping wine and eating cheese and grapes (it's a tough life in Chile). We were sleeping in their spare room and I think I had one of the best sleeps on this entire trip. It was amazing!
Shopping for dinner
So much wine, and starting at 3.50 CAD a bottle
Traveling in style
Edgardo looking good
Dinner, so delicious
Enjoying a nice evening

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