Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 2 (0km): Choices

First thing this morning my Mom was on the phone calling up a storm: BC Ferries incident control, RCMP, ... Meanwhile my Dad and I left in the car to go receive his bike at the dealership (since the tow truck company wouldn't drop it off without the guarantee someone would be there to pay for it).

Many hours later spent at Island BMW, driving all over town (private insurance and ICBC), and the RCMP station in Sidney, we arrived back at Island BMW where they had been assessing my Dad's bike for damage. The good news was that the steering was not damaged significantly and they had fixed the bike up so that it was mechanically sound to drive. The damage was just superficial, albeit thousands of dollars worth, but if he wanted he could drive the bike home tonight. One thing is for sure, the Gear-it-technology crash bars saved my Dad's bike. They are a top quality product and have more than proven their worth. 

Thanks Island BMW for getting my Dad's bike back on the road as soon as possible. 

So my Dad was given clearance to drive his bike, so he and I left the dealership (him on his bike, me driving the car). We returned to Salt Spring with some bodging to do on my Dad's bike. 

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