Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 183 (33km): Back in Huanchaco

It was all too familiar waking up in the tent, on the roof, to the fog rolling in from the Pacific. We didn't really have plans for the day just a long list of things to get done over the next few days. So after breakfast we started with the list.

In the afternoon we met up with a local Trujillo biker club that had tracked Alberto down on Facebook. One of the members, Julio, came to the house on his KLR. We chatted for a bit and then rode the bikes into the city. What followed was a bizarre experience and it felt like I was in a commercial. As we rode our route into Trujillo more bikes joined our convoy. These were members of the club meeting up with us on the road. It was surreal as we weaved around the city at night in a bike pack that was getting bigger and bigger. I had no idea where we were going I just followed the bike in front of me and hoped we'd end up somewhere that had food. 
We eventually pulled up to a place to have dinner and by that point the group was six bikes. Two KLRs, our BMWs and two Harleys. We had a nice time talking about the trip and bike related stuff over dinner and that was that.
Parked up at the restaurant
Everyone at dinner
Looking over the map

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