Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 194 (41km): The End

We couldn't get the house until 4pm so we still had lots of time to kill before we started our ~25km journey to Mancora.

We lounged around on the beach, me hiding under our shelter and Alberto swimming. Eventually I couldn't take it anymore and we packed up to leave. We slowly took the scenic route to Mancora passing through Cabo Blanco. Even so we got to Mancora around 1:30pm and decided to kill some time by having lunch. I was hungry anyways.

We found a nice place to have lunch, but the service was terribly slow. Ugh, back in civilisation. By the time we got our lunch we had to scoff it down to make sure we made it to the house by 4pm. I ended up with indigestion but as it turns out my family's flight was late and they hadn't beat us to the house (which was our main concern). We settled in and I made a b-line for the shower. After bush camping for the last few nights all I could think about was having a shower. Actually after being on this trip for 7 months all I can think about are regular showers with premium shower products.

Freshly clean we waited for my parents to show up. They got to the house just before dark, pretty exhausted from their Peruvian escapades. We had a nice evening chilling out and we are all looking forward to the next few weeks to relax at the beach.

So this is the end of our bike journey; 41,026kms driven. We still need to ship our bikes back to Canada, which we will sort out over the next month, but this is the end of our bike travels in Latin America.

Thanks for following along and stay tuned for more posts with my reflections on different aspects of the trip. 
The End


  1. Thanks guys. It was fun. Take care and perhaps I'll see you on Van Isle on my way down next year.

    Len MacDonald

  2. Thanks Len! we're sad and happy the trip is over, mixed feelings they call it :)

  3. great blog you guys!!! i finally am all caught up! what an amazing trip :)